Friday, August 26

playing catch up

1. First and foremost, I am so proud of my students! Up until last week, I really didn't feel like I was making much progress, but it seems that I have proved myself wrong. Every month they have exams. Last month, their test results were a little disappointing. But this month, to prepare, we've been giving them quizzes so that they know what to expect on the test (English test is tomorrow). Last month, only one or two kids per class were getting a SEMI DECENT grade on these "pre-test quizzes." But this month, already, I've had 12 to 15 in EACH CLASS getting an almost perfect score!! So there has definitely been an improvement and I could not be more pleased. To reward them, I've been handing out candy and making 'diplomas,' they seemed to dig it.

Needless to say I have high hopes for this round of exams. If their quizzes are any indication, I think their test scores will be much better!

2. I also received a flower this week from my brightest 4th grader, Nirmala, another great sign that I'm not completely failing as a teacher.

3. I learned how to write my name in Hindi, Tamil and Telagu.

4. It was the anniversary (or something...)/feast day for the sisters here, so the entire day was filled with special guests (the bishop) and lots of delicious food (PASTA AND COCA COLA). I got up realllly early and spent two hours solely chopping onions (yes my hands STILL smell like onion) and then I went to mass, my first one since being here. Thankfully it was in English, and of course, as the Catholic masses are, it was exactly the same as the one in the U.S. Some of the little girls dressed as angels/butterflies and did a little dance in the middle of the service. It was pretty much the cutest thing ever.

5. I went for a nice long walk with Sister Hilda (one of my faves) and she showed me some new sites of this beautiful town... namely, the lake, which kind of dried up.

We walked passed the 'wealthy' area of town and one of the houses had this pretty drawing on their drive way.

6. There was a spider the size of my palm on the ceiling of my room. After squealing for a couple of minutes alone in my room, I attacked it with my Raid bug killer (thanks Mom), and put him in the trash. A couple hours later when I returned to my room, he was back in action (I checked the trash and everything, I swear he rose from the dead). So I resorted to more violent means and murdered him (I think I'll add 'proficient in bug killing' to my resume).

7. I've averaged reading a book a night for the past few days, rereading some of my favorites during high school (Sloppy Firsts, anyone?) and also some new ones (The Perks of Being a Wall Flower) and currently reading Everything Is Illuminated (I loved the film and the author's middle name is Safran...weirdddddd). Any recommendations? Let me know, I'm kinda on a roll!

8. This is the current nugget of the week! He comes running across the field whenever he sees me "miss miss!" just to say hello or give me a hug (and he refuses to call me Allie). Super precious nonetheless.

9. With the help of Jillian Michaels (she may be a weirdo but she knows her stuff), I have created my very own 'at home' gym
(On the left, the "weights" are laundry soap bars tied together.)
'Tis all for now, I'll post again after the test results are in!

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