Thursday, May 31


view from the roof of my college home in Mission Beach, California

"Home" has always been a sensitive and generally weird subject for me. Every time I meet someone new, I always dread the questions, "where's home" or "where are you from" because honestly, I'm not quite sure. I was born in Miami, Florida then moved to Munich, Germany when I was really little. Then I moved back to Miami, then to Miramar, Florida... then to Colleyville, Texas, where I spent the middle and high school years. After Colleyville, I went to college in San Diego, California... but spent two summers in San Francisco, California... meanwhile my parents moved to Anna Maria Island, Florida... but then to Lake Tahoe. Then I moved to India... then back to San Diego... and now my parents are moving again (location TBD San Rafael!!!). Phew.

When I think of home, I can't help but replay that Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros song  in my mind that notoriously gets stuck in your head. The one you want to hate but secretly, you like it because of the precious lyrics, that read, "home is where ever I'm with you." Awwwwweee! My problem? I've never been sure who that "you" is. However, I'm starting to believe that "you" isn't just one person but several people... and I think it took me a while to realize that. I think that "you" is my parents and extended family; my friends who have come and gone and my friends who will be in my life forever. "You" is my roommate; my neighbors; my favorite co-workers; the bartenders at URBN. "You" is the endearing homeless man around the corner; the snow leopard cat a few houses down that I really want to catnap; the friendly faces at my neighborhood coffee/tea shop and take-out restaurants. The list goes on.

I've come to believe that home isn't a place but a feeling. It's the feeling you get when you're in the presence of someone special, whether it be a friend, family member, the love of your life or a friendly stranger. It's having that comfortable feeling of ease where you're blissfully content without all of the frills. And it's surrounding yourself with "yous" who complete your own, personal feeling of home. 

Wednesday, May 30

weekend getaway: san francisco

In honor of my first paid holiday as a person of "the real world," I jetted off to San Francisco for the weekend for a change of scenery. It's funny how going to the Bay Area always feels like going home... even though I've never really had a home there. But home is a funny topic for me... I'll cover that later. The weekend was filled with catching up, drinking beer, shopping, drinking beer, seeing old friends, drinking beer, and feasting. Clearly.

The most noteworthy meal was brunch in the Mission after a semi-fail of a night at a place called Boogaloo's. One thing you might not know about me is that I'm a slave to Yelp. I don't eat anything without checking its Yelp page first, but I do realize that Yelp has its flaws (so I've developed my own system when deciding where to eat... obviously one of my most important weekly decisions). I was disappointed to see that Boogaloo's only received three and a half stars. The food was pretty fantastic and the space was inviting, friendly and filled with local art. I ordered the Temple Spuds, essentially a heart attack waiting to happen but simultaneously my most perfect breakfast dish: potatoes covered in melted cheese, salsa, sour cream, scrambled egg and chives. Yum dood.

In addition to the feasting, Lauren somehow convinced me to try the red lipstick look (really out of my comfort zone)... 

 still not sure if it works or if i look like a clown.

{Thanks for stopping by!}

Wednesday, May 23

cafe chloe

Welp, it's been exactly a year since I graduated from college. Though I still stand by my "nothing will ever be as fun as those four years" statement, I have to admit that the real world has been treating me pretty well. From my five month adventure in India to my first big girl job and passion projects that are taking off left and right, I really don't have any complaints! 

Anyways, back on track. I took my dear dear friend Hillary out to dinner since this Sunday is her graduation from our beloved University of San Diego. We decided on Cafe Chloe in East Village Downtown. The atmosphere, cuisine and (unfortunately) the prices were all very authentically French; thankfully, the service wasn't. 

pretty photos covered the walls

very French tables

nommy bread

even NOMMIER cheese

steak and frites...

correct, that is a slab of butter on top

Of course Hillary and I couldn't just enjoy a delicious meal together; there had to be some kind of "catch" (thus is our relationship). Enter: The Homeless Man. Homeless Man confidently walked up to the terrace outside of Cafe Chloe. Homeless Man whipped out his pipe and started shamelessly smoking god knows what. Cafe Chloe Waitress kindly asked Homeless Man to leave. Homeless Man refused and got up in Cafe Chloe Waitress' face. Cafe Chloe Customer intervened. Homeless Man punched kind Cafe Chloe Customer in the face. Others got involved; Homeless Man ended up on the ground screaming profanities. And then the cops came.

clearly I had to snap a picture

{But the meal was incredible. Happy Wednesday!}

Tuesday, May 15

i love days when...

...I see my name in print [full article in your copy of SD Uptown News or online here]!
...I score a gig blogging [stay tuned] and calendar-editing for Urbanist.
...I come home to a package of champagne and a precious card asking me to be a bridesmaid [!!!]

love you carey!
cinco de mayo 2011 | austin, tx

{Wedding details...for not my wedding... coming soon!}

Monday, May 14

union kitchen & tap

Thanks to my god awful commute to North County everyday, I've had the opportunity to explore some of the cities north of San Diego. Encinitas is quickly becoming my new favorite hangout. It's artsy, cultured, nom-ified ( it's Monday; apparently I'm making up words) and it's close to the beach. They have tons of great bars with tasty beers and lots of eclectic people with interesting stories to tell. Most recently, my co-worker Angela and I went to Union Kitchen & Tap. Swarming with cougars, we were definitely the yougest ones there. Nonetheless, the food was delicious, the beer was strong and the aesthetics (Union resembled URBN's garage-like interior) felt like home.

hello ballast point sea monster. 12% alcohol? cue the morning after headache [but so worth it].

prosciutto, burrata, arugula and egg pizza [yes egg. nom.]

sweet potato fries with blue cheese fondue, crispy bacon and chives

{Needless to say, I will return! Happy Monday!}

Wednesday, May 9

how to wear vintage without looking “old fashioned”

Friendly friends, I have a mucho exciting post for you today from one of my favorite bloggers and role models, Bekuh! She's clever, crafty, cute and had the most beautiful wedding ever... my dream wedding actually. AND coincidentally today, posted about small plates for dinner which included all of my favorite
ingredients. I wish we lived closer so I could invite myself for dinner. So without further adieu...

Hello Beauty and the Feast readers, my name is Bekuh and I blog over at Secondhand Sundays. I love sharing with others my passion for vintage, cooking, crafting, and living a handmade life; and today I’m going to talk to you a little about one of those loves- Vintage.

I started buying vintage clothing at the ripe young age of eight; through thrift stores, boutiques, and more recently online. I’m no expert at vintage fashion but I have learned a lot about styling vintage to look current and trendy in my eighteen years (plus) of experience. It’s pretty easy to look “old fashioned” when purchasing a dress from a local thrift store, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Simple styling tips and advice on what to choose, and what not to, when buying vintage clothing can save you from making a fashion faux pas the next time you walk out the door.

Tips for Wearing Vintage Now:

1. Start small.
When you’re new to purchasing vintage it is best to start small, with accessories. Scarves, belts, and shoes are a perfect way to start incorporating vintage into your wardrobe. The recent trend of wearing scarves (as a belt, headband, or around the neck) makes it especially cheap and easy to add a little splash of vintage to your outfits.

2. Mix and match new and vintage pieces.
Today’s fashion is all about the right mix of personal statement pieces, old standards, and fun prints. When I put an outfit together I try to pick out at least one vintage/thrifted piece to add to the mix. If you wear vintage head to toe it can sometimes look really great, but more often than not you’ll end up looking dowdy and not at all chic. By mixing the vintage pieces into your wardrobe stealth-like you’ll never appear like you’re trying too hard and it will help make your old standards seem fresh and new.

3. Just say no to shoulder pads.
My number one pet peeve about vintage clothing is shoulder pads. In what world was it ever okay for women to look like football players? That being said there are a lot of really great pieces that have those nasty little pads sewn in. Those beauties shouldn’t be left on the racks to spoil, simply snip out the pads, or if they’re sewn into the lining enlist the help of a tailor or your grandma if you can’t do it yourself. DO NOT KEEP THEM IN, nothing will age an outfit like a pair of shoulder pads.

4. Shorten those skirts.
Most pretty patterned skirts and dresses at thrift stores are a really unflattering length by today’s standards; hitting mid calf or just above the ankle. The key is to tailor pieces so that the lengths are flattering to your figure, and the item fits right (If that’s mid-calf rock it). Again contact your tailor or closest family member with sewing skills to help you shorten the skirts if you can’t do it yourself. 

5. Quality is king.
It doesn’t matter how cute a top is, or how pretty the print of the dress, if the integrity of the piece has been compromised (i.e. it’s stained/torn/poorly altered) do not buy it. No amount of camouflage with accessories and cardigans can hide a ragged, and worn-out piece of clothing. Make sure you look for sweat stains, tears in the seam, and disintegrating fabric before you walk up to the checkout line. Skip this step and you may look dirt poor, instead of hipster-chic.

6. Learn from others.
I’m still learning the best ways to wear vintage in a modern world without looking like a grandma and the internet is a wealth of inspiration on that front. Pinterest is a great place to start collecting inspiration. Create a vintage style board and pin any outfit you see that matches your aesthetic. Sooner or later you’ll start to see a trend in what you pick out online and you’ll know what to be looking for the next time you hit a vintage clothing shopping.

7. Be brave.
My number one piece of advice for you today is to be brave with vintage clothing. No fashion maven got where she is today without taking risks with clothes. I’ve had way more outfit duds than outfit successes, but you just have to laugh at yourself and move on. Have a sense of humor when you get dressed in the morning, and take at least one risk a week.

What are your vintage styling tips? I’d love to hear what you have to say about incorporating vintage into your wardrobe. Leave a comment below, and let’s chat. big kiss, bekuh

Monday, May 7

juan chou

While I realize the idea of Mexican/Sushi fusion is slightly repulsing and most definitely odd, there's nothing that intrigues me more. Juan Chou in South Park really got this one right. Plus, they have some great happy hour deals. Chips, salsa and margs while I wait for my sushi rolls? Count me in. 

lovin the lamp

pretty art

chips and salsa served with two dipping sauces

salty edamame

the cali fire roll is always my go to: crab, avocado, 
spicy tuna & tempura flakes. NOM.

Wednesday, May 2

i love days when...

...I discover that the ice cream sandwich on URBN's menu [below] is actually the best thing ever.
...Pinterest becomes apart of my daily tasks at work. day is made merely by looking up a semicolon discrepancy in my new favorite handbook. projects and creative initiatives are in the works and I'm excited!

{But seriously... the ice cream sandwich... nom nom nom!}