Thursday, May 30

trouble coffee

Let’s talk about toast. It’s one of my most favorite snacks/meals of all time. When I was sick as a little kid, my mom would make me a buttery, cinnamon and sugary piece of toast and it would almost certainly make me feel better. When money was tight in college (and even after), a piece of toast always hit the spot and was gentle on the wallet.

As I continue to explore every small detail of San Francisco, recently I stumbled upon Trouble Coffee in the very Outer Sunset. Run by a bevy of attractive men (no complaints here), Trouble Coffee makes the best piece of toast I’ve ever had (disclaimer: I have not yet tried The Mill - I hear it's great). It was almost equal parts butter and bread and the cinnamon and sugar coated it quite nicely.

Another nice surprise at Trouble was a tea latte the baristas told me I had to try. Usually, I’m quite loyal to a good cup of coffee, but The Girlfriend (a honey and lavender tea latte) stole me away from my usual and I definitely didn’t look back. It was amazing.

Check out Trouble Coffee at 4033 Judah St., San Francisco


Victoria Stanell said...


Charlotte F said...

Oh, yum! Cinnamon and bread are SO GOOD together! :)

Stamp in My Passport said...

I'm pretty sure this could make a toast convert out of me. Cereal has an always will be my budget meal of choice.

Erin Marie said...

sounds like a dream. I just recently discovered I like tea so I'm up for exploring new and different kinds. Honey lavender sounds, well, just plain incredible.

Anonymous said...

This looks perfect in every single way! I'm all about toast, but I'm pretty sure this goes beyond the toast level.