Thursday, May 19

happy hour = happy day

As the school year and my school career come to a close, I've found the best way to combat the inevitable tears and stress is to indulge in some happy hours. After extensive research, my friends and I came across Whisknladle in La Jolla, a pretty pricey restaurant during lunch and dinner hours, but during happy hour, 5 to 7 p.m., their tapas and drinks are not only affordable but delicious and of amazing quality for their price. Tapas run at just $3 per dish and sangria (the white is a personal favorite) for only $5 per glass or $20 per pitcher. Needless to say, this place is cute and comfortable and makes for the perfect study break (or I suppose now, CELEBRATION THAT WE ARE DONE WITH SCHOOL FOREVER!)

True words

White sangria

Wikki Wikki and I

These lamb meatballs almost made me throw vegetarianism out the window. Sio said they were fab!

Garlic shrimp

Crudo ahi tuna with grapefruit and avocado (YUM DOOD)

Grilled asparagus

Holy god, patatas bravas, definitely the best part. These little morsels were clearly coated and fried in copious amounts of butter and were exploding with flavor; potentially the best thing we ordered.

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