Saturday, July 23

your favorite foodie is back

As a self-proclaimed foodie, you could imagine my surprise when my appetite suddenly vanished from my stomach upon arrival to this great country. It was shocking when dinner quickly became the most dreaded part of my day, when usually it was a time I looked forward to about 24 hours in advance, just after finishing the previous dinner.

Between the insane amount of bugs, the never ending heat and the unidentifiable dishes, food was no longer the primary subject on my mind. But lately, as my avid blog readers may have noticed, I have been more adventurous and am slowly finding new things that I like. From korma and puri to chapati and puttery (mango, chili, mustard seed, garlic, and probably some other things thrown into a food processor) and many more, I have finally discovered some of the dishes that make Southern Indian cuisine truly unique.


Korma, looking a little like applesauce there, is a type of curry, usually thick, and can be made with potatoes, garbanzos, carrots… pretty much anything. Chapati is a type of Indian flat bread. It reminds me of a wheat tortilla… absolutely amazing when you get it hot off the grill/stove.

My latest discoveries, “pancakes” and pops, served during our 4 p.m. snack time, definitely surpassed my expectations and the pops even had me Googling (yes this is a [bad] habit) the bakery, Krishna, where they came from.

Here, “pancakes” are more like crepes. These are filled with warm coconut mixed with sugar!


Pops are basically the Indian version of an empanada, so obviously I jumped on that bandwagon real fast. These were created with home made puff pastry and stuffed with curried carrots, potatoes and onion.

My trip to Bangkok is coming up (eight more days!) and I have already done a considerable amount of research on the street food scene there (click here and here for some of my favorite articles). I will make sure to report back with my top finds! That’s all for now (I may or may not be considering taking a terrifying rickshaw adventure to that bakery to pick up some more pops)! Thanks for reading!

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