Monday, November 7

whoa whoa whoaaa

So... I'm not in India anymore. This is weird.

I feel like the past few weeks have been a complete whirlwind. I left India and jetted off to Madrid, where I spent three incredible days walking with no purpose around the city, taking the metro to random stops I hadn't ever been to before and spending quality, Spanish-speaking time with one of my favorite people in the world: Concha. After Madrid, I came "home" to Tahoe for a few days and then headed down to the bay to see Lauren, where we spent a few days doing nothing productive and indulging in some of my favorite "American" activities (nail-painting, lululemon-shopping, Cheesecake Factory-eating... the usual). Now, I've been back in Tahoe a few days and will be heading to San Diego on Wednesday to search/beg for a job.

Since my life seems to be moving at a hundred miles per hour (thanks Tinchy Stryder for that one), I've had some time to reflect on my Indian experience. As I scroll through my millions of pictures, I look at them like I'm looking at someone elses' life. "Did that all just happen? Did I really get stranded in Bangkok and have to aggressively fight my way back into India? Did I really live without A/C and a shower for almost five months?" It all seems like a dream. But mostly, the question I've been asking myself is, "Do I really have to get a job? Can't I just travel the world forever and forget about living a cookie cutter life?" Of course that answer is easy. But after this experience, it's not that I just want to travel. As the child of a flight attendant and self-proclaimed gypsy, I've been traveling since I was in the womb and haven't really stopped since. But what I've found, only recently, that is even more exhilarating and amazing than just traveling, is traveling with a purpose.

So this might be the end, for now, of my India posts, but stay tuned. I can promise I'll be on another adventure soon (cross your fingers, South America) and in the mean time, I'll be reflecting on my Indian adventure here and, per usual, intermittently posting about my latest and greatest creations in the kitchen.

Namaste (though sadly not from India)

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