Thursday, February 2

fashionably late new year's resolutions

After a longer than planned hiatus from my blog, I'm back. Happily settled back in San Diego, I got the job of my dreams working as a marketing coordinator [but on the content side of things where I'm able to write travel articles weekly] and moved into an adorable place in North Park, arguably the best neighborhood for feasting. instead of recapping the past few months, I'll sum them up with one word: change. Coming back from the trip of a lifetime in India was a change; moving back to the city I went to college in [minus many of my closest friends] was a change; paying rent and other bills has been a strangely positive change that has made me feel strong and independent; and the list goes on. though I've never really made, let alone stuck to, new year's resolutions, I decided that this year would be different. this year would be the year I'd do everything I've been wanting to do for a while, but didn't have time for because of the busyness and the seriously good time that but this year, this year will be different, and I call it [cue the laughter]:

twenty-twelve: the year of the allie
buy local and support local businesses
take calcium supplements
['cause this girl won't be drinking a tall glass of milk anytime soon]
remove artificial sweeteners from my life
[and replace with agave nectar]
learn to knit
find a piano to play
run a half marathon
buy only things i really need
save money for a trip
get my finances together so i can donate to bethel
call my grandmother weekly
stop texting and driving
respond to "how are you" with "i'm well" instead of "i'm good"
take care of me
[and be a tad spiffier]

so far, i'm proud to say that I have had my first knitting lesson [I'm working on a tea cozie], I carry a bottle of agave in my purse to ensure I never have to use sweet n' low in my iced tea ever again and I joined a gym [a fancy one] in order to help motivate me to be healthier and train for, first, a 15K, and eventually a half marathon.

In addition, I'm currently in the midst of a month-long "trial" of veganism with two of my favorite people/neighbors and I'd say it's going well.

All in all, I feel good about this year. Things are looking good.

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