Sunday, August 5

the coolest people you'll ever meet [july: weird & random edition]

Tonight, I have quite the special treat for you guys... my July sponsors are sharing something weird and random about themselves. Don't you just love it when people get real?

I wanted to share with you, my cameras! I am a little obsessed and you will always find me with five in hand and two in my bag! I love them because I want to record EVERYTHING! I drive everyone nuts because I take A LOT of photos (1000 a day keeps the doctor away!) but I need them for the tutorials I post, because what's a tutorial without beautiful photographs!?

from Eye Candy
It may seem weird but I HAVE to sleep with a fan! Even if it's
freezing outside, or I'm somewhere other than home. I even have a mini
travel one. Something about the noise is just so soothing to me. As if
it couldn't get more bizarre, I've been doing so since I was a wee
little one.

My weird/random something would be my undying love for Hanson since I was 12 years old.  I began to love Hanson in a time when boy bands reigned supreme and these cute blonde haired hippies came out with super poppy music. Yes they wrote their own songs and performed them with their own instruments which I thought it was a novel idea and not only did one, Taylor Hanson become the guy I measured all future boyfriends to,  but they became my inspiration for life.  Biggest obstacle being a Hanson fan was also maintaining some sort of popularity throughout school.  Don't think I didn't get teased non-stop, even once had to run extra miles around the track in high school for missing a basketball practice for a Hanson concert.  I have continued to follow them as they've matured in music and their lives.  They are the only artist to this day that I still buy the actual CD and read their lyrics cover to cover as I sing along.  For some reason (probably mmmbop - but come on they were kids?!) Hanson still doesn't get the credit they deserve but I'll tell you every show I've been too over the past 15+ years have all been sold out. Hanson taught me to be original and not be afraid to do and follow what I love no matter what others may think.

Something weird that I love anyways would be... children books! I just recently bought myself a new book with fairytales and drawings from my favourite illustrator. I am a 20-something woman and I still can't get enough of this. Fairytales just bring me so many memories and take me to another, magical world.

My weird and random fact? I break out in interpretive dance during almost any song.
[I have quite the routine to (who ya gonna call?) "Ghostbusters!"]

{Hope everyone had a great weird weekend!}


Stacy said...

Ahh! I rambled too much :) Loved reading about all of these other wonderful ladies. Thanks Allie!

Treasure Tromp said...

thanks for a great introduction to some wonderful blogs!

Alexa said...

Thanks for the introductions Ali! Hope you had a marvelous weekend! xoxo

Magical Day Dream said...

Haha I also still love children books, gonna check out your sponsors! :)



Robyn said...

lovely intros-going to check them all out-stacy-you didn't ramble too much!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you Tori! I need a fan always!!


koko mo said...

hahaaa this is great, i love this post!

A Texas Girl in California said...

Oh, I loved this! Nice idea.

Amanda Morrow said...

i must say... the ghost busters interpretive dance is quite a treat!