Saturday, April 9

C Level Feastin'

Well hello dere! I seem to have abandoned poor Tumblr for a while, but alas I am back! Thanks to those who called me out on my lack of posting :]
Last weekend, Mama Deedie came to town for Mom's weekend. Naturally this means free food (and a new outfit for me, yay!) and of course some quality mother-daughter bonding.

Aren't we just so presh?

Anyways, we decided to go to C Level, the casual side to the very expensive Island Prime, located right on the harbor with amazing floor to ceiling windows, perfect for views of downtown and the ocean. The restaurant was loud, but in a trendy/fun way and the food, well, the food was pretty awesome. Take a peak!

Lobster Mac n Cheese

AHI TUNA STACK WITH TARO CHIPS, CAVIAR AND SUPER DELISH DIPPING SAUCE! (and yes, it was as good as it looks, nommm!)

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