Monday, March 28

eat food.


A variety of these "food rules" (above) were published back in 2009 by The New York Times. A lot of them were funny, most I agreed with but some were just plain unreasonable. Although I'm down with the sustainable and sensible eating and I am definitely cautious of my consumption habits (most of the time), I think it's important to, for lack of better words, eat like crap, every once and a while. Although typical junk food (i.e. Doritos) isn't usually what I crave, I'm known for the occasional late night trip to In-N-Out or Chick-Fil-A for some fries (and lots of dipping sauces) to feast. I feel like I see it every day, especially going to USD where everyone is, literally, perfect: people don't enjoy their food. Even guys are worried about their waistlines and to see a girl eating something other than a salad at school is actually shocking. I know you're probably thinking, "she's definitely the source of American obesity," but I'm not suggesting pigging out on a daily basis. I'm just saying that if you want something, eat it. Don't agonize over the calories or "it going straight to your ass." JUST EAT IT! And enjoy it, you only live once!

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