Tuesday, September 13

french braids and life lessons

(Pre-French braid)

Well!! The French braid has officially become a trend around here. All the little girls have the most beautiful long, thick, dark hair and finally, we had a little French braid sesh after their showers one afternoon. Growing up, I was obsessed with having my hair French braided, but my mom could never master the art, so I taught myself and now, I get to use this skill on all of the little girls around here... they love it. But even though my mom couldn't master the French braid, she had the normal braid down pat and always did my hair before school when I was younger. And these girls, they don't have that luxury. At such young ages, they're learning to braid their hair themselves and do pretty much everything by themselves, without the help of a parent. Some of the littlest ones have had the chicken pox and I just can't imagine being that small and THAT miserable and sick and itchy and not having a mother around 24/7 to nurse you through the illness. Though the nuns are wonderful stand-ins, there really isn't anything quite like a mother. To think that these little kids don't have that motherly love on a daily basis makes me feel sad but also really grateful and spoiled for the incredible support that my parents and my entire extended family gave me and is still giving me as I continue to "grow up."

It's just another example of how truly blessed we are and how so many things that we have and don't even think twice about are not the norm, but only the exception for many people in other parts of the world.

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