Saturday, September 10

the little things

So you know those cartoon episodes when the characters are in the desert, just about to break down beause they're so thirsty...and then they see the oasis of water in the distance, but as they get closer they realize it's actually an illusion? That was how I felt today (except I wasn't being deceived). I sprinted across the road and dodged several rickshaws while a few of the drivers yelled at me from their window (good thing I don't speak Telagu!) I was expecting it to be a figment of my imagination but someone up there must really love me because there they were, in all their glory, A BAG OF CHEETOS (NOT masala flavored...a major find... and for just 10 rupee I might add). Clearly this made my day.

PS: They're baaaaaaaaaaaaaack (the monkeys)... AHHHH!!!!


PPS: They were in fact poser Cheetos... they looked like the real deal but man, they did NOT taste right. Better luck next time I suppose!

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