Tuesday, October 18

a day in delhi

After Udaipur, we had a short 12 hour stay in Delhi. Barbara and I opted for a cheap hotel option ($20 a night, yeah!) since we knew we'd be out and about exploring for most of our time there. We landed in Delhi and Sanket, Barbara's Kingfisher pilot friend, picked us up and we were off to the hotel. We quickly dropped our stuff and headed to... duh, the Hard Rock Cafe. After a large plate of nachos (Sanket and I share the same love for Hard Rock Cafe nachos and also photographing food), we explored the insanely gigantic mall in Saket. I fell in love with all the ayurvedic oils and products and also discovered Fab India (which really is fab).

Since it had been a couple hours since the Hard Rock feast, obviously it was time for us to eat again. Sanket took us to Fio, an Italian restaurant in the Garden of Five Senses. Holy cow, I must have died and gone to heaven. This BEAUTIFUL restaurant in the middle of a huge garden is pretty much what I dream about when I think about my own future restaurant. Beautiful landscaping, lots of lanterns and lights, and of course, great food, set the stage for a wonderful evening with wonderful company. We ordered wine, a hookah (!!), pizza, pasta and soup and then of course, how could I resist, tiramisu for dessert.


I feel like I look at my dessert the same way a mother looks at her newborn child.

Sanket dropped us off and we returned to our room around 2 a.m. Unfortunately, sleep wasn't in our future just yet, since we came back to a bed full of bugs, which had somehow gotten in through our closed window. We promptly switched rooms, showered and started packing. Barbara thought it'd be a good idea to get a wake up call and taxi for the morning, but as she set out to try and get downstairs, we realized that we were locked in. After hysterically laughing and trying every which way to get ourselves out of this room, we resorted to climbing out the window. We told the staff and a couple guys came to try and unlock/"unstuck" the door. No dice. Too tired to care, we decided the window would just have to do as our exit.

After drifting in and our of sleep for about an hour, I woke up feeling damp...okay...soaked. Something was leaking... the culprit? The air conditioner. This got me hysterically laughing again and I just could not stop. It was probably because it was all too much but also because how can you even be upset? For $20, I'm surprised that's all we witnessed. 

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