Thursday, October 13

finishing our travels through rajasthan

The next morning, we headed to the Amber Fort to complete our visit in Jaipur. Though forts (especially ones up a hill in one hundred degree heat) don't usually interest me, this one was amazing...




After an incredible experience in Jaipur, Tyla and Austin headed to a national park and Barbara and I continued on to Pushkar. First and foremost, our hotel, which I will DEFINITELY be returning to on my honeymoon, was something to brag about. We stayed in tents. But these were far from your average tents...

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

The "hotel," The Greenhouse Resort, started as a farm of greenhouses. Now, the hotel owns several greenhouses, on the resort premises and off as well, sourcing all veggies and fruits, wheat and even roses for their restaurant from their own gardens. Clearly I was really into this. Plus, since its about 20 minutes outside of Pushkar, it's so quiet and beautiful and surrounded by hills, a nice break from the busy Pushkar streets.



Pushkar, though, was definitely one of my favorite cities so far (I feel like I keep saying that, I love them all)! It's relatively small, but there are tons of cool shops and markets and a beautiful lake in the middle of town, surrounded by ghats. At the lake, priests hang around, waiting to bless you and send flowers into the lake for you. Though I'm not so religious, the blessing was simple and touching, praying for the best for my family and friends and ultimately vowing to come back to the same spot with my husband and children.



After finding the best sandals and purse in the world ($3 for the sandals, $24 for the bag) and overeating to the extreme, in Pushkar...

Me in my natural habitat

...we headed west to Udaipur to meet up with Tyla and Austin again. Though I hadn't heard of Udaipur before, this city was beautiful. The European influence was very apparent, thanks to the several lakes that inhabit the city. Again, I found myself, asking, "am I REALLY still in India?"

In Udaipur, were able to reunite with Preet, a dentist who helped out with a TMF medical trip last year, doing check ups and pulling teeth at one of the other orphanages. Preet served as the best tour guide, taking us to his favorite dining spots on the lake where I indulged in an unhealthy amount of dal and even to his clinic and home to family for an incredible breakfast.

My internet is too slow to upload Udaipur photos and I'm already WAY behind on my posts! So I'll post some later!

This completed our trip and Tyla and Austin headed back to the States and Barbara and I continued on to Delhi and eventually Dehradun to see the place I will be working at for the next week!

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