Wednesday, May 23

cafe chloe

Welp, it's been exactly a year since I graduated from college. Though I still stand by my "nothing will ever be as fun as those four years" statement, I have to admit that the real world has been treating me pretty well. From my five month adventure in India to my first big girl job and passion projects that are taking off left and right, I really don't have any complaints! 

Anyways, back on track. I took my dear dear friend Hillary out to dinner since this Sunday is her graduation from our beloved University of San Diego. We decided on Cafe Chloe in East Village Downtown. The atmosphere, cuisine and (unfortunately) the prices were all very authentically French; thankfully, the service wasn't. 

pretty photos covered the walls

very French tables

nommy bread

even NOMMIER cheese

steak and frites...

correct, that is a slab of butter on top

Of course Hillary and I couldn't just enjoy a delicious meal together; there had to be some kind of "catch" (thus is our relationship). Enter: The Homeless Man. Homeless Man confidently walked up to the terrace outside of Cafe Chloe. Homeless Man whipped out his pipe and started shamelessly smoking god knows what. Cafe Chloe Waitress kindly asked Homeless Man to leave. Homeless Man refused and got up in Cafe Chloe Waitress' face. Cafe Chloe Customer intervened. Homeless Man punched kind Cafe Chloe Customer in the face. Others got involved; Homeless Man ended up on the ground screaming profanities. And then the cops came.

clearly I had to snap a picture

{But the meal was incredible. Happy Wednesday!}


Lena said...

You went on an India adventure?! I went on an India adventure. You must be awesome. We should be friends:)

And the homeless man?! Keeping life interesting.. always.

Sam | ashore said...

this is my absolute favorite restaurant in all of San Diego (... or, was.) and it's actually where I went for my graduation dinner with my family! I have a set of black and white pictures there from a photo class I took framed in my kitchen. It's a special place.

Robyn said...

ah-that is pretty funny! just new to your blog through 'her library adventures'.

Cara-Mia said...

Hello fellow Secondhand Sundays sponsor! I just had to hop over when I found out you were also from San Diego. :) This place looks amazing, I'll have to add it to my "must visit" list, and hopefully there won't be any rowdy bums.

Tammy @ Lemons, Avocados and the Bay said...

I also found you on Secondhand Sundays =) Cara-Mia (who commented above) and I are blogger friends too. I live in San Diego and also have a blog that tends to include local restaurants (a lot). Love your blog and I'll be stopping by often


Allie said...

it is SUCH a winner!! you gotta check it out!

Naomi said...

Oh my gosh, this whole thing is too funny :) I love how the guy holding the homeless guy down is smiling for the camera, ha!

bridget anne said...

i'm nearing that benchmark myself...the one year graduation anniversary is coming up in just a couple weeks for me. i saw your blog on not one, but two blogs i follow today! i figured it was a sign that i should properly introduce myself...well, & follow along too : ) xo.

Allie said...

YAY! nice to meet you! i'm excited to explore your blog as well! love meeting new blogosphere friends!