Thursday, May 31


view from the roof of my college home in Mission Beach, California

"Home" has always been a sensitive and generally weird subject for me. Every time I meet someone new, I always dread the questions, "where's home" or "where are you from" because honestly, I'm not quite sure. I was born in Miami, Florida then moved to Munich, Germany when I was really little. Then I moved back to Miami, then to Miramar, Florida... then to Colleyville, Texas, where I spent the middle and high school years. After Colleyville, I went to college in San Diego, California... but spent two summers in San Francisco, California... meanwhile my parents moved to Anna Maria Island, Florida... but then to Lake Tahoe. Then I moved to India... then back to San Diego... and now my parents are moving again (location TBD San Rafael!!!). Phew.

When I think of home, I can't help but replay that Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros song  in my mind that notoriously gets stuck in your head. The one you want to hate but secretly, you like it because of the precious lyrics, that read, "home is where ever I'm with you." Awwwwweee! My problem? I've never been sure who that "you" is. However, I'm starting to believe that "you" isn't just one person but several people... and I think it took me a while to realize that. I think that "you" is my parents and extended family; my friends who have come and gone and my friends who will be in my life forever. "You" is my roommate; my neighbors; my favorite co-workers; the bartenders at URBN. "You" is the endearing homeless man around the corner; the snow leopard cat a few houses down that I really want to catnap; the friendly faces at my neighborhood coffee/tea shop and take-out restaurants. The list goes on.

I've come to believe that home isn't a place but a feeling. It's the feeling you get when you're in the presence of someone special, whether it be a friend, family member, the love of your life or a friendly stranger. It's having that comfortable feeling of ease where you're blissfully content without all of the frills. And it's surrounding yourself with "yous" who complete your own, personal feeling of home. 


Lena said...

Mmm.. I absolutely adore this post. Home is in the heart of people (and even places) that we love. It's such a beautiful idea.

amandaholland said...

This is so wonderful and JUST what I needed to read :) thank you for being one of my "you"s! Love you tons!

Rachel said...

Love this one, and I know you know how much I can relate :)

Swalshee said...

true girl. true. i call new orleans home, but san rafael will always be "home" in the larger sense. i think home is your comfort zone, and you ARE allowed to have more than one. you'll always be part of my home, too! <3

Amanda Morrow said...

Beautiful photos! I agree 100%.. home is a feeling, not necessarily a place. It's the people you choose to have in your life, the activities you participate in, certain surroundings.. hell it could even be the local pizza place! ...One does not need to be in a house to feel "at home" :)