Tuesday, May 15

i love days when...

...I see my name in print [full article in your copy of SD Uptown News or online here]!
...I score a gig blogging [stay tuned] and calendar-editing for Urbanist.
...I come home to a package of champagne and a precious card asking me to be a bridesmaid [!!!]

love you carey!
cinco de mayo 2011 | austin, tx

{Wedding details...for not my wedding... coming soon!}


Amanda Morrow said...

I love days when... I get to physically see how happy you are to be apart of such a romantic experience! <3

SARAH said...

Any day that involves a package of champagne is definitely a good day :)

Allie said...

youre telling me! great day!!

Siobhan McCarthy said...

Cute post! And thanks for clearing up that it's not your matrimonial ceremony, i was confused for a brief moment. Keep up the good freelanceing work nugget!