Monday, November 5


Recently, I've really taken a liking to Instagram. For the longest time, I couldn't figure it out... but now I kind of love it! This is what my life's been looking like lately... San Francisco and Chicago with some of my favorite people and lots of snacks. Life is good. 

Let's be Insta-Pals! 


Shannon said...

Adorable insta-pics! I am now following you on instagram. :)

Nicole Marie said...

what exactly did we do before instagram???

Maggie said...

Love these insta-shots !!!!
Going to go follow you now :)
Instagram name: maggied86

Kelsey Elizabeth said...

These are making me all kinds of hungry!! And those puppy teeth are the BEST :)

alongobucco said...

OK, now I'm seriously craving fries and a burger!

The Glossy Life

Kate said...

I'm SUCH an Instagram addict! I'm a pusher too. I try to get all my friends hooked! Ha!

Robyn said...

mmmm -good food and drink...that goes well, shared with good friends of course!

Cara-Mia said...

Fun photos! Following you now. :D