Thursday, November 8

things i've learned from my mom

In honor of my mom's birthday today, I've decided to share with you some of the most important and valuable pearls of wisdom I've gotten from my dear mother over the years. As a mother who's been the most understanding and non-judgmental (most of the time) person in my life for my whole life, I hope she gasp reads my blog for once and enjoys this... see Mom, I was listening, even when I was the most awful teenager and it didn't seem like it. Happy Birthday, Mom!

[Please note: this post is adapted from a series on Laura's blog.]

mom and i at our cooking class in bangkok, thailand last year. 
i know it's shocking from the information below that we aren't 500 pounds.

Learn how to cook and cook well. Food always brings people together.
Learn how to sew. It'll save you money.
Be selfless.
(My mom is the most selfless person I know.)
Sometimes, you just need make fudge.
Nothing beats lying on the couch drinking iced tea and watching the Food Network for hours.
Don’t text and drive.
You can never have too many sayings or family traditions.
Chocolate cake with chocolate icing always always beats vanilla.
You should always invest in a little black dress.
Don’t overpluck; someday, you’ll embrace those furry caterpillar-things above your eyes.
(I think this day has finally come.)
Pay yourself first (as in, always put money in a savings account). 
Don’t spend money you don’t have.
When it comes to guys, don’t be too available. Also don’t make them a priority when they don’t make you one.
If you cooked, you don't have to do the dishes.
Don’t buy your kids Barbies; it portrays an unrealistic body image for little girls to live up to.
(This one makes me laugh; she never ever bought me a Barbie and I'm okay with with my small chest haha)
Families that eat together, stay together.
If you can’t sleep, read a book and have some milk… maybe a cookie, too.
Start putting vasoline under your eyes as soon as you turn 18. 
You won’t have wrinkles until you’re at least 60.
"To each their own."


Jane said...

What good advice. Amen about not spending more than you have and putting money aside. I've never heard the vaseline trick, but I will be doing that now. Is that something tried and true from your mom?


Nicky said...

My mom ALWAYS told me not to over pluck my eyebrows. Love mom advice. Happy bday to your mom!!

Jess | the Jess Journals said...

What a cute post! Happy birthday to your mama!

And my grandma actually bought me 50 million barbies as a kid, and I'm fine with the way I look (ie. 5'4, with hips & a butt, and a small chest! haha)

I wish I knew how to sew!

Shannon said...

What a sweet post! Your mom and my mom have given such similar advice. :) Happy birthday to your mom.

KB said...

How sweet! Moms are the best.

A and B said...

such a sweet post! and such great advice!

Sam said...

simply wonderful and great advice!


Lacey in the City said...

Oooh I've never heard the Vaseline under the eyes trick...I'll have to try it! I'm 25...7 years behind on this one!