Monday, December 17

losing it

For once in my little ole blog life, I'm actually referring to losing weight and not my mind. Since moving home to the Bay Area just a little over a week ago, I already feel relaxed, happy and at ease. My friend Lori says it's because I'm meant to be in the Bay Area; I think she's right.

While I'm only semi-employed (seasonal position at lululemon - hello discount and free workout classes!), I'm concentrating on myself. Though I'm a big advocate for loving yourself no matter what, it is important to stay active and eat right (most of the time) and I have definitely not been doing that... until now.

So let me ask you all... how do you stay in shape? What are your favorite healthy snacks? I'm all ears.

In other news, SantaCon was this past weekend in San Francisco. Basically, everyone dresses up as Santa and the entire city, so it seems, partakes in a bar crawl. Let me tell you... it was quite an experience.

me and katie - the birthday girl!

my best friend lauren

{Good times, good times.}


Allie said...

My mom dragged me to these Dailey Method classes and they are HARD but really work. I plan on going more while I'm on winter break

Felicia said...

The bosu ball and medicine balls are the winners for my work out routine! The medicine balls make working out fun and the bosu ball gets you in the best shape because everything you do on it, you are working your core and whole body as you balance. I highly recommend them both!

Anya Volkov said...

Oh I LOVE lululemon! I got a bright peach tank for the summer & have to be careful not to wear it every time I go walking with my friends!

Lena said...

Girl, I do not know anymore. I was really dedicated to running and then all of a sudden, I just stopped. I'm not sure why, but I just did. That break has lasted for a little over a year. I want to get back into a regular exercise routine, but I'm just so unmotivated. I don't even know why, but I just am. So, if you have any advice or get any that really speaks to you. Please share! :)

P.S. How's that for helpful? ;)

Caitie said...

my favorite healthy snack is this:

are you ready? it's SUPER lazy. I'm almost embarrassed to put it on the internet.

1. Trader Joe's pre-cooked lentils
2. Trader Joe's pre-made bruschetta

mix the two. that's it.

it's seriously so delicious as a dip for crackers or all own it's own. cool and refreshing and perfect for summertime! (maybe not so perfect right now for those of you in winter that live above the


The Weir House said...

So happy for you!! You're about to be on an amazing journey! Can you email me your new address? I finally am able to ship your package out (just a little happy!)

Katherine / Of Corgis and Cocktails said...

Santacon looks like so much fun - I was out the night it happend ing cincinnati. And losing weight is such a great feeling -plus working at lululemon for the season sounds like it's a pretty awesome motivator with all the goodies

<3 katherine
of corgis and cocktails // fox tote giveaway

Jess said...

I was in SF during Santacon too! We went to a craft fair and downtown and were wondering why there were all these santas haha now i know! Where in the Bay Area are you living? I live on the Peninsula :)
Ooo Lululemon sounds like fun! I work in retail though too, and the holidays are so tough!

Hope you're adjusting well :)

xoxo jess
Foreign Room

Kelsey Elizabeth said...

I am oh so jealous of that employee discount you've got going! Congrats on the move, I'm so excited for you Allie :)