Tuesday, July 9

spinach dip grilled cheese

I had no idea what to call this gluttonous creation and spinach dip grilled cheese is the only thing that made sense. Inspired by my new idol Joy the Baker, this sando is far from healthy but absurdly satisfying, which counts for something, right?

Sourdough bread, cream cheese, parmesan cheese, jack cheese, plain Greek yogurt, two cloves of garlic, fresh spinach, butter, olive oil

First, sautee spinach with crushed garlic in a bit of olive oil until wilted. Transfer to a bowl. Add parmesan cheese, cream cheese and Greek yogurt and mix.

Butter bread. Place spinach and cheese mixture in the bread and top with slices of jack cheese. Grill in a small, buttered pan on medium heat until golden brown on each side. FEAST.*

*Caution: Feast in moderation. It's quite rich and cheesy.


Maura said...

wow this looks amazing! definitely going to be making it soon!

Robyn said...

Mmmmmmm! Looks amazing. Lucky you having joy "like"what you had done!

Laura Herder said...

├▒am!!! yummyyy!!!

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Amanda k. said...

Yum! Oh man, if Joy liked a photo of mine, I would freak out!! Haha

petal and plume said...

this looks incredible! such an honour about joy liking it... but well deserved!

Jess | the Jess Journals said...

This. Looks. AMAZING! I have to try it!

Katie said...

I should not have read this while being really hungry. this looks heavenly.

Joelle Duff said...

Um hi, this sounds amazing. At least it has Greek yogurt in it? It can't be that bad for you ;) And congrats on Joy's "like"! That's always exciting! xoxo

Behold the Metatron said...

omg I need to figure out a way to make that so I can actually eat it. lol