Tuesday, June 12

azucar: a cuban style patisserie

This weekend, my roommate Amanda [who's in the process of creating a blog of her own... hooray!] and I ventured to Ocean Beach for a little day of fun...a.k.a...lots of eating. We had lunch at South Beach, absolutely the best fish tacos around [post coming soon!] and then checked out Azucar for dessert. I've been dying for a tasty treat from Azucar for about a year now, but unfortunately I don't make it to OB as often as I'd like.

Azucar caught my eye because it's a "Cuban-style" bakery and since I'm one-fourth Cuban [though I claim it as my full nationality], I was definitely interested. It was exciting to see the guava stuffed pastries [my family calls them "pillows"] and a few other treats that reminded me of my childhood in Miami and my Cuban background.

Naturally, as soon as we saw the spread of options, we had to sample a variety of treats... you know, just in case we don't make it back for a while. Amanda ordered the chocolate/salted caramel and an esperesso chocolate chip cookie and I sampled the doughnut muffins and a peanut butter white chocolate chip cookie. Let's just say, the calories were worth it and I was one freaken happy camper.

Scrumptious is an understatement 

pretty cupcakes

Next time you're in the mood for dessert, venture to OB and get a treat from Azucar [also be sure to give me a call so I can come with you]. I promiseeee there's no way you'll be disappointed. 

Azucar Cuban Style Patisserie is located in Ocean Beach San Diego at 4820 Newport Ave.

{My diet starts tomorrow.}

UPDATE: Check out my first post for the "Urban Dish" column at Urbanist Guide! I'm pretty dang excited about it!


amandaholland said...

I can't wait for our next Azucar feast... the day when we have sampled everything will be a glorious day. I have been dreaming about those espresso cookies ever since!

Amanda said...

Wow those desserts look so yummy, especially that red velvet cupcake! If I'm ever out in San Diego I will have to check this place out!

Alexa said...

Oh wow...this looks incredible! Great photos too!

Allie said...

thanks alexa! ive been workin on my photography skills :) im checking out your blog now and i LOVE it! you have a new follower:)

Lena said...

Anything with the words chocolate, salted, and caramel in the same sentence are basically euphoria for me.. YUP.

Sophie Brown said...

This all looks divine! Love your blog! X