Wednesday, June 20

inspired by locals: sogoal from sweetly simple

As I continue to inspired myself and hopefully inspire you all, this week I'm featuring a college friend, current neighbor and TRULY talented woman. Meet Sogoal: baker... artist... baker-artist and everything in between. You can visit her personal blog here and her and Jess' baking blog here. Sogoal and Jess create what I like to call "cookie art" and once you see these incredible cookies below, you'll know why. Seriously... keep scrolling... it blows my mind.

photos courtesy of brian taksier

When did you discover your cookie-making talent?
When we formerly worked together, Jess and I were going through slow season [winter] like most bakeries do, so we found ourselves with a touch more spare time than usual. We always wanted to try painting on cookies in addition to meticulous pipework and then one day in December 2011…we did!

How did you learn how to decorate so precisely?
Jessica went to the Culinary Institute of America in New York and has always had an impeccable knack for pastry and fine arts; I got my bachelors in painting and drawing at the University of San Diego and have always had my hands in the cookie jar. We’ve had lots of years of hard work and practice coming up to this point. Lots.

What kind of tools do you use to create the decorations?
Butter, sugar, sweat, tears. Sometimes blood. Just kidding…kind of. We use our trusty Kitchenaids, food coloring, paintbrushes and water. And we always wine and dine as we do it, so I guess those count as tools, too.

How do you decide what kind of cookies to make (flavor-wise)?
We just like trying everything. Jess and I are always experimenting with whatever flavors are currently “inspiring” us [read: we are desperately craving]. Most recently, Jess gave into some dark chocolate, and I went for some cardamom and pistachios…because I’m Middle Eastern.

Do you coordinate cookie flavor with decorations?
Not yet. That's a fabulous idea. Can we steal it?

What is your favorite cookie flavor that you've created?
Jess’ is favorite cookie flavor is our simple sugar cookie with a touch of cinnamon and orange zest. As for me…uh…that pistachio cardamom number was my jam [again, Middle Eastern tendencies].

What type of cookie decorations are you most proud of? 
We are both keen on tedious labors of love! That means, the cookies that typically take the longest, are the ones to which we get very attached. I love tiny typography on cookies and Jessica is a sucker for abstract artwork on cookies. Usually, the longer we’re hunched over and squinting, the more proud we become.

How do you hope to grow your talent? 
So far, the dreaming, experimenting and growing are set to the confines of our kitchens [with The Shirelles on blast]. And the current goal is to practice, practice, practice. We’ve come this far, but there is SO much more to do and try and learn. We can’t wait.

If you're interested in learning more about these incredibly beautiful not to mention delicious morsels, contact Sogoal and Jess at and visit their blog:

my personal favorite


Shannon said...

What beautiful cookies! Love the last one, too! :)

Erica said...

These are amazing! There is so much detail in each one. Simply beautiful!

Melissa said...

Those cookies are beautiful!

Tammy @ Lemons, Avocados and the Bay said...

Ohhh such talented ladies! =) Now where can we buy the goods?

Allie said...

email and let her know what type youre interested in!! they are perfect for themed parties or ANY event really... and SOOO DELICIOUS!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What incredible cookies! I love the story behind it all too. Great feature!! :)


Allie said...

thank you so much!