Sunday, June 17

three feasts from the weekend

I'm over at Sienna's blog today reminiscing about my time in India. Check out my post // explore peace, love, wander and all of Sienna's travels... my advice? Read with caution; you'll undoubtedly want to flee the country afterwards.

'Til next time...

oh underbelly. you fonny.

vegetable ramen with bacon-wrapped mushrooms & shishito peppers | underbelly

beatles-themed ice cream shop in normal heights

chocolate-peanut butter ice cream | mariposa

perusing the feastly menu

too hungry to look normal.

gorgeous cheese board with fig compote and candied pecans

mussels in smoked tomato butter solace & the moonlight

{It's feasts like these that make me hesitant to ever live anywhere else.}


Claris Leigh said...

that ice cream looks amazing!! perfect for a hot summer day! :)

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

Yuuuuummy! Loved your guest post!!!