Friday, February 25

"But I'm pretty good at drinkin' beer."

I'm not really sure where my love for beer came from. I remember my first sip from my mom's glass when I was 10, I thought it was amazing and couldn't wait until I was older to have a whole glass to myself. As I got older, I experimented with all the usuals: Natty Light, Bud Light and Busch, then upgraded a bit to Dos Equis and Corona and then discovered Red Stripe, which I call my favorite standard beer. I love Red Stripe, don't get me wrong. But there are times when I just want a real beer, where you can actually taste and distinguish the ingredients. Beers that are heavy enough to fill you up (not Guiness heavy, though) and are strong enough to give you a buzz after just one brew. And that's when I fell in love...
Both can sometimes be found at Whole Foods or BevMo, but the best is walking into a restaurant or bar and seeing one of them on the menu 'cause then you'll know that it's gonna be a gooooooood night! aka TONIGHT!  
      Coachella 2010; drinkin' subpar beer, definitely not Hennepin, but still refreshing 

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