Thursday, February 24

What will they think of next?

While reading through The New York Times today, after tossing the Business section aside and skipping straight to the Arts and Home sections, I got to "Thursday Style" and went immediately to the sixth page and down to one of my favorite columns, "10 Things To Talk About This Weekend" by Henry Alford. Number one on the list this week was particularly interesting and prompted me to do a little research of my own.
Please tell me I'm dreaming. I mean, I know this family lives in Egypt, a very different country from the U.S. and I'm not one to judge, and I, of all people, am guilty of spending far too much time on Facebook, but naming your child after a social media network? Too far, people, too far.
According to a report in Al-Ahram, one of the largest newspapers in Egypt, Gamal Ibrahim named his daughter Facebook "to express his joy at the achievements made by the January 25 youth" (
This is flattering and all, assuming that I'm part of this "youth group" (har dee har har), but I'm not sure a child's name should be based on a societal achievement. Maybe it's a culture difference... and like my mom always says, "to each their own."

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