Tuesday, February 22

Guilty Pleasure #1

The Bachelor
This is extremely embarrassing for a person who only watches Entourage, Californication and Weeds... really anything on HBO or SHO. But this show is just so absurdly ridiculous that I can't help but watch. My roommates got me into it this season and I just can't stop. First of all, this Brad guy, is he kidding? He has NO personality. He's decently attractive, but he doesn't seem to be deeper than, "I can really see myself with this girl." And that announcer, who comes out just one time during the entire show, just to say, "Ladies, this is the final rose." How does he feel having such a pointless profession? I don't even want to know how much money he makes for that. And I just can't seem to think the whole thing is even possible. Falling in love on national television? Going on dates that the guy didn't even come up with himself? These girls aren't falling for Brad, they're falling for Hollywood's made-up-multi-million dollar dates that are completely unrealistic. Don't get me wrong, I'd be enjoying those dates if I were in the girls' positions, but in real life, who actually has the money for such extravagant outings? And speaking of money, I also don't want to know how much money is spent on the production of this show, none of which is going to a good cause.
Despite all of these cons, I am guilty and The Bachelor has my viewership. I can't help but find myself rushing home on Monday nights after class (and before karaoke) to "oooohhh" and "awwww" at the latest disaster, drama or emotional meltdown on this truly ludicrous show. At least it's entertaining? And it makes for the perfect pre-game for karaoke at the Sandbar... andddd I'm semi addicted to the absurdity, who will he choose? If I were the girls, I'd get outta there fast and send myself home. After all of the glitz and glamour is done, he'll be just another semi-decent-but-pretty-average dude without any game. I think I'll stick to karaoke.

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