Sunday, February 27

Pillow Talk

We were talking the other day about how your bedroom is so indicative of your personality. For example, mine's very cluttered, I hate blank walls, I love bright colors, I save almost everything to put on display and my bed is rarely made.

If I've had a bad day (which is rare, living in such a beautiful place), my favorite thing to do is come home, get into my super comfy bed (thanks Landlord!), light some incense (nag champa, preferably) and read a book or a blog or watch movies. Being in a comfortable environment with so many of my favorite things surrounding me immediately lifts my mood and gets me back on track for the day or night.
1. Anthropologie comforter: Although after four years and it has holes and some questionable stains, I don't think I'll ever get rid of this thing. I love it!

2. Bamboo plant: It's the first plant I've been able to keep alive for more than a week. I've actually had it five months now, a gift for my 22nd birthday from my good friend, Carey.

3. Patterned flask from Urban Outfitters: Another gift from my friend, Kelsey. Besides being absolutely precious, and I think, very "me," this has to be one of my most useful favorite things.

4. Very first published article: in San Diego Magazine. It was the best feeling in the world to see my name on an article in such a legit magazine. Little did I know it'd be the first of many, and I can't lie, every time it feels just as good.

5. Red Strip vase: If you know me, there are few beers I like better than Red Stripe. Since sadly I can't always afford them, I decided a vase might be a way to make them last longer.

6. Buddha: I bought this with one of my first paychecks at an imports store I used to work at in Florida. The "Hey Ya'll" card is from my best friend, AJ, and I thought it looked quirky/adorable in Buddha's arms. A little reminder of Texas.

7. Real Madrid scarf + blanket: (sigh) I am most nostalgic when thinking about my time living in Madrid where I was able to take weekend getaways all around Europe or even to Morocco (my favorite). It's hard to imagine a future time in my life that will be more amazing than my time spent at la casa de Concha (my senora) in Madrid. The blanket underneath the scarf was yet another gift from my good friend, Hillary, who brought it back for me from Mexico. I think it's beautiful. And yes, I'm obsessed with travelling.

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