Sunday, February 5


Sometimes, you just need a little pizza and beer with your friend. So I did it. My hungover self threw veganism out the window [just for one meal] to indulge in a feast of epic proportion. urbn, located on University Ave. in North Park, has to be my new favorite place... in the world. From sobbing to the bar tender at 2 p.m. [alone] while ordering a giant pizza to eat [by myself] to having the best time ever with my best friends there on a saturday night to pizza and beer on a sunday, this place has become my home away from home. The bar tenders are cute and genuinely awesome, they have quality, not crappy, beer and the pizza...oh the pizza... is for sure the best in the area [maybe the world]. I'm semi opposed to tomato sauce on my pizza [don't ask me why] and their white pizza option makes me probably more excited than it should.

hope everyone had a lovely, food-filled weekend!

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