Tuesday, September 4

the coolest people you'll ever meet [august]

Hello friends! Sorry for the accidental silence. Life's been hectic. Tonight, I have some lovely friends to introduce to you; they'll be sharing a place they're dying to travel to!

I tend to get slightly attached to cities, and find myself traveling to certain places over and over. I would absolutely love to be back in Germany, exploring every nook and cranny of my favorite country [so far], especially during Christmastime! Some of my other favorite cities are Austin, Salt Lake City and Charlottesville.

I would really love to travel through Europe and go to France someday soon. My best friend is currently an au pair there and I just think it would be amazing to see where she lives and explore France! Plus, I took 7 years of French and I would like to put it to use somehow! 

Lately, all of my dreams are based on visiting the wizarding world of Harry Potter in Orlando, Florida. I'm so obsessed that I've watched strangers' YouTube videos, stalked family vacation pictures and guilted my family into having phone conversations detailing every single aspect of the park. My fingers are crossed I get to visit before I'm too old to appreciate the magic!

I would love to visit Scotland! I absolutely love the green countryside and the history. 

Italy always seemed like a great place to go, but was never a "MUST-DO." Until I saw a photo of Positano. Now, I'm DYING to go! The colors! The buildings! I just love every bit of it and vow to make it a reality!


Abby said...

Oh the wizarding world of Hazza would be amazo!

A Lauren to Herself said...

Oooh looking forward to reading their posts x

alongobucco said...

So fun to discover new bloggers...thanks for sharing!

The Glossy Life

Evani Gatsby said...

Definitely checked them out! :) Great blogs!

Stacy said...

Yay! I love these ladies, I already follow almost all of them :)