Friday, September 28

guest post: mastering the art of ankle boots

When I purchased these boots a few months ago, I was so excited I couldn't stand it. They felt daring and totally out of my comfort zone and I liked that about them. But as fall arrived, I realized I had no idea what to wear them with... so I turned to the master. Meet Katie. She's here to share some pearls of wisdom on mastering the art of ankle boots.

Hi, beauty and the feast readers! My name is Katie and I blog at hey little apple blossom. I'm really, really excited (annnnd also a little nervous - this is my first guest post!!) to be guest posting for sweet Allie while she's out of town having a total blast and obviously being the cutest bridesmaid in Austin. Her blog is one of my top favorites. 

(step one, according to these pictures, is to add a cardigan)

Allie asked me to put together some ideas for wearing lace-up ankle boots this fall. I have to be honest, when I got my pair of ankle boots, I was super intimidated! I'm a really short girl, and they seemed to make me look even shorter, on top of looking exactly like my boyfriend's boots... which is weird. But I find myself throwing them on with really unexpected outfits and really loving them all of the time now. Hopefully I'll be able to give you guys some ideas, too!

Idea 1: Menswear-Inspired

They look like men's boots, so why not embrace it? I bought these shorts with these boots in mind... and I have since paired them three times; it's ridiculous and obsessive. The key to this look is the socks! Proportion is important with these boots, since they're so little bitty, and you need the socks to balance out the leg to foot ratios.

Also, winter shorts are awesome. Here are mine, and here a couple of others that would be super cute: 123.

Idea 2: Dresses!

I'll try any look with a dress once. this one works out really well! I think the dress definitely needs to be above-the-knee and, again, there need to be socks. Don't worry, I've experimented with wearing this exact outfit with tights, too, and it's equally awesome.

Idea 3: Dress Them Down (a.k.a., wear them like sneakers)!

I'm kind of becoming a queen of the graphic tee (I don't know), and outfits with graphic tees can get boring. So in comes ANKLE BOOTS! Yeah. I love cuffing my jeans riiight above the boots and I tell myself that it makes my legs look longer. Not-so-secretly, this is my favorite way to wear these guys because it's so unexpected and easy. As long as I remember to put them on before my converse. 

This is my shirt, and here are a couple of others that would be super cute in its place: 12.

Well, I hope these outfits inspired you to try out some ankle boots of your own! And, Allie, I hope you get all kinds of wear out of yours this fall!


Taylor said...

I love boots, all boots, whether long or short and I wear them with everything like the above: shorts & leggings, dresses & leggings, jeans, i will pair them with just about anything, although I don't do the visible sock bit.

Chelsea said...

So cute! They look so good for fall too!

Stacy said...

I definitely needed this tutorial, how did you know?! I've always wanted ankle boots like these but never knew the best way to wear them! Look out world :) Thanks Katie!

jackie said...

ankle boots intimidate me, but you pull them off so well! thanks for the tips :)

Danielle Carroll said...

Cute! I feel like I couldn't pull that off, but it looks great on her!

Jessica said...

Great ideas! They look really cute on you\her! Of course, I am not brave enough to wear lace up booties! I thought booties would be weird on my too, since I'm short and "athletic"- built. But I do love booties! They are so versatile! -Jessica L


Emma McCartney said...

What a lovely post! Your blog is just lovely and I am your newest follower! xx

Jenny said...

Ankle boots are really great! Fab post. xx

Anonymous said...

You can kick some butt in those boots! I freaking love them!

Cara-Mia said...

Such a cute guest post! You totally rock short boots! :)