Friday, April 19

foxie moxie

Wednesday, my friend Vicky and I went to the Bare Minerals' Moxie event to celebrate their new line of lip colors. Held at Chambers, an awesome bar I'd never been to, I couldn't have had a better time.

i'm wearing call the shots and vicky's wearing risk it all

I was also a big fan of Show Off, a Moxie lipgloss. 

Anyways, Vicky and I spent some quality time with the Moxietini (a basil-infused martini) and the photo booth, in addition to trying all of the amazing new colors. Plus I bumped into Alex from SF Shop Girl and that was pretty damn exciting. 

I'm usually pretty convinced that I can't pull off lip color, but the Bare Minerals girls showed me how it's done. Plus, the consistency of the Moxie lipsticks is so moisturizing and fabulous how could you not love it?

Check out the line when it comes out April 30 and report back... I promise you'll dig it!


Cbiji Collection said...

I love that Zebra top! Cute!

Allie said...

A) I want your zebra sweater! and B) I need some of this lipstick because I am always looking for a go-to shade! Looks like you had a blast :)