Tuesday, April 2

stag's lunchette

As a transplant from Texas/San Diego, the Bay Area hasn't always been home, though it's funny how quickly it's started to feel like that. Recently, I took a little trip to the East Bay to explore Oakland. With coffee shops, beer bars and delicious restaurants on the rise, I knew I'd find something feastly, which is why I wasn't surprised when I decided immediately that I could easily live there (well, if I wasn't so obsessed with San Francisco). 

My friend and I had lunch at Stag's Lunchette, a small eatery in downtown Oakland. With a weekly rotating menu, amazing and unique sandwiches and soup and even some side dishes (brussels sprouts!) I was pretty thrilled. 

Please forgive my crappy iPhone pics. 

mexican grilled chicken sandwich YUM

cheese and broccolini crostini for the vegetarian

an excellent collection of knick knackery

{Stag's Lunchette is located at 362 17th Street in Oakland. }


Z said...

this looks sooooo good! I wish I had the time (and money...) to explore more of the food options around in Boston. I could eat my life away!

Kirsten Wiemer said...

ahh i will be working in oakland starting in june, i will definitely have to check this out!


Kelley Spurlock said...

I love the words broccolini crostini. I mean, come on.