Thursday, June 9

the best-o pest-o

Pesto. I would put it on everything if I could... and I kind of do: toast, chicken, pasta, empanadas, a sandwich... you name it. Although Trader Joe's carries a decent packaged pesto and some of my favorite Italian restaurants make it pretty well in house, nothing beats the pesto my mom makes from scratch. It's garlicy, fresh and the prettiest shade of green, how could you not want this on every piece of your food?



3 cloves of garlic, handful of parsley,3 to 4 cups basil leaves, 
3/4 cup parmesan cheese & 1/2 cup walnuts

Throw walnuts and garlic into the food processor. Add parsley and basil and grind down. Keep food processor going and drizzle olive oil until it's the right consistency for you.

I bought some gnocchi from Whole Foods made by The Pasta Shop, which were very soft and handmade. I highly recommend serving the pesto as a sauce with either gnocchi or pasta with grilled chicken.

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