Tuesday, June 21

everyday occurences (round one)

  • The "Kids' Menu" on the room service menu at the hotel in Chennai is referred to as "Future Adults."
  • There are no trash cans. Anywhere. 
  • Men hold hands or walk with their arms around each other but and a man and a woman do not.
  • Motto of the Police Department here: "We don't sit like a rock, we work like a clock!"
  • When you ask a question, if the answer is yes, Indians will nod their head like this (SO confusing at first!)
I am considered "others" (obviously). This was the cost of entrance to one of the temples in Chennai... that's basically $0.21 if you're Indian and $5.43 is you're anything else.

On a tour, I learned that this chalk-like substance made out of rice is used to draw pictures on the roads. It's purpose? To feed the ants. I LOVE it.

Halleluja! (TG)

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