Friday, June 3

food for my sol


If I had to pick one place to eat for the rest of my life... well, I could never do that. But Sol Food in San Rafael, Calif. would definitely be a possibility. Besides that, they will undoubtedly be catering my wedding (sorry, future husband, where ever you are, you don't have a say in this). This restaurant is incredible and their food is something I always look forward to eating when heading back to the Bay Area. Although technically Puerto Rican cuisine, many of the menu items reflect some of my Cuban family favorites, which is another reason I like this place so much. As you can see from the photo above, Sol Food has an obnoxious yet endearing bright green exterior. Inside, photos of the owner's family members and other iconic Puerto Ricans cover the walls and are featured on the numbers you receive after placing your order.

Almost every day of the week, Sol Food has a line out the door of faithful patrons trying to get their fix of arguably some of the best food in Marin County. If you don't feel like waiting, recently relocated next door to the restaurant, Sol Food offers a to go shop called La Bodega, where you can get the full menu to go without waiting in line. As if things couldn't get any better, if you live close enough to their Lincoln Avenue location, THEY DELIVER.



One of Sol Food's specialty's is their Pollo al Horno, made with farm raised, organic chicken and coated in garlic and a plethora of herbs and served with salad, beans, rice and a platano (tostones if you're into the more savory platano or maduras if you prefer the sweet strain).


Although they don't serve alcohol, Sol Food has homemade, fresh squeezed juices (limeade shown above) that they serve in a mason jar.


Since I am very much a creature of habit, I always order the same thing: the vegetarian platter, served with black beans (so good they give my mom's homemade beans that marinate for 24 hours a run for their money), Sol Food's delicious and buttery rice, salad and a platano, I always choose the garlicy tostones.

But the last time I was at Sol Food, I decided to branch out and try something new, so I got the veggie deluxe sandwich with tostones instead of bread. Although there was just a tad too much mayo, the sandwich was absolutely delicious and I loved how they used the platanos instead of bread, super creative and tasty! (It was devoured too soon to snap a photo...)

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