Wednesday, June 1

college educated, she graduated

[The Thrill- Wiz Khalifa]

Some might call it cliche, but I think this song is more than appropriate for our current state. College graduation, an event that's supposed to make you feel accomplished and grown up has left me feeling depressed and confused these past couple of days. Our entire lives, up until this point, have been spent in a classroom: learning, taking tests and completing homework assignments or busy work. But although our time in the classroom has ended (at least for now), the learning has not. This time, however, the learning is done in the real world, where mistakes are not just a lower grade on the report card, but can lead to major consequences, which is, for lack of better words, SCARY AS HELL. But even though I've been the queen of the "my life is over, I have nothing to look forward to now that college is over" mindset, our lives are just beginning. In the week and three days I've been graduated, I have probably spent half of that time sobbing, convincing myself that my life really is over, and the other half of that time drinking and partying the tears away (not to sound like an alcoholic or anything). But now that I've calmed down a little and taken the time to actually feel like a college graduate, it feels kind of good, refreshing, even. I've started to think about all the things I want to do with my life: projects I want to start, jobs I want to have, businesses I want to create and trips I want to take, all of which are now possible with a college degree. As everyone has been telling me, there is a life after college, and that life is good! I could sit here and make a list of everything that I'll miss (the beach and my friends, to name a few), but it's important to concentrate on the things that will be gained after college. Thinking ahead two weeks to my six month adventure to India, I know I will be gaining tons of perspective and knowledge that no college professor could have ever taught me, and that is not only exciting, but just one thing out of a million I have to look forward to.

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