Wednesday, March 2

meet my nuggets

If you haven't noticed, one of my most favorite words is nuggets. This may seem odd, probably to most people, but I can't help it. I'm not sure if I was inspired by Chelsea Handler or maybe my cousin, Clare, but nuggets has become a permanent word in not only my vocabulary, but in most of my friends' and families' as well. It's a little ironic since I'm a vegetarian and don't really eat nuggets (unless they're soy, of course).  And as ridiculous as it sounds, this nuggety word (it can be conjugated, too!) has become a major part of my life, starting with one of my favorite classes I took in college, Media Art. Our final assignment was to create a comic book depicting a conflict or life struggle. While most of my classmates were using human characters to accomplish this, I decided that two nuggets would be the protagonists in my story.
Unfortunately, I'm not blog-savvy enough to put the entire PDF-ed comic book on here. But I can give you a little preview of my final creation, which earned me an A as my final grade in the class.

*If anyone's actually reading this, I'd be happy to email you a copy of the full thing :] savedbythenuggets1
Aren't they just TOO CUTE!? Totally justifies my nugget obsession (at least I think so).

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