Monday, October 22

guest post: nine reasons puffy vests are the best

Since we all know my solo photo attempts are well below average, I asked one of my favorite bloggers, Kelsey, from Time Stand Still to take over my blog while I'm home visiting the family in the Bay Area (food, bar and shopping suggestions in the city are greatly appreciated) because her outfit posts kinda rule. And she could definitely be a model, don't ya think? Read on to find out Kelsey's nine reasons why puffy vests are the best this fall and be sure to check out her awesome blog!

Hi Beauty and the Feast readers! My name is Kelsey and I blog over at Time Stand Still. I’m so happy to be here today to ramble about one of my favorite fall clothing items.

Although the male species may never understand, vests are where it’s at. If you were to ask me what my favorite item of fall or winter clothing is it would take me nanoseconds to respond with,“PUFFY VESTS!” Boys might be thinking “why is that girl wearing an item of clothing that makes her look like the Michelin Man?” but I find the little man entertaining, so this only adds to my vest obsession.

Without further adieu here are some reasons why you should invest (pun intended) in one:

1. Your arms aren’t constricted so you can get a little bit athletic… if you must. 2. You can hide cheap snacks in it when you go to the movies.
3. In a neutral color, it will match just about anything.
4. You can wear the really snazzy kind from day to night.
5. It will protect your vital organs from the cold (sorry elbows,  you’re on your own).
6. If you were for some reason wearing a bulletproof vest, it would allow you to stay incognito while doing so.
7. You can wear it in the fall, winter AND spring.
8. Martha Stewart wears them and if she isn’t a style icon then I don’t know who is! ;)
9. Guys really, really dig them. You’ll probably get five marriage proposals each time you wear a puffy vest. Especially since the really huge ones look like sleeping bags.

{I hope that you all enjoy this beautiful vest wearing season and that you’ll stop by my blog and say hello! Thanks again to Allie for having me!}


Katherine / Of Corgis and Cocktails said...

i think i used to have this vest! i really like it on you - the glitsy gold is perfect with it. i never looked this good in it ever

<3 katherine
of corgis and cocktails // current giveaway said...

pretty vest :)

Ashley Aspinwall said...

too cute love the vest :)

xo SideSmile,

SideSmile Style

Laura Herder said...

I love ur combination gold&pink!!

Te invito a pasar por mi blog, estamos de sorteo!

Citrus - Refreshing Fashion said...

love that vest!!!


Nelle Creations said...

great outfit and perfect spot for the photos!
Hope you can check out my latest post and enter my giveaway.

Nicole Marie said...

i can never seem to wear a puffy jacket in a chic way... i always look like a marshmellow

Louisa said...

I love reason 6! It looks great on you, love the bright pink.

Stephanie Lam said...

I love puffy vests!!! I just got a Crew Cuts one!!! I'm small enough to fit their kids clothes hehe!


katie said...

i juuuust got the puffy trend like this year. i want one! ah! <3

Evani Gatsby said...

In the bay area, I fell in love with Umami sushi, while on the hunt for umami burger. They have amazing kobe beef sliders and DELISH sushi. Nice to meet you Kelsey!

Molly and Mac said...

loving this post! Such a great outfit:)

Molly and MacKenzie

Robyn said...

love puffy vests...sorry elbows! such a cute funny post

Kasey Lynne said...

I'm diggin' the bright pink puffy vest...and I don't even like pink!

All I needed to hear was #2 and I'm sold! ;D