Wednesday, October 3

the coolest people you'll ever meet [september round one]

Who doesn't like discovering new blogs? I certainly do. So do yourself a favor and visit these amazing women who sponsored me in September. Read on to find out their favorite things about fall!
Not to sound like a lush, but I love the seasonal beer that comes with fall - pumpkin flavored! And as the weather starts to cool down, I love having friends over in the evenings for some of that delicious beer as we sit around the fire pit I have set up in the backyard. Oh, and I welcome the return of scarfs!*

{*Side Note: Nicole is one of my blogger-turned-real-life-friends and she is SERIOUSLY the coolest and nicest gal around. One look at her blog and you'll want to be her friend. Meet her in person and... well... 
you'll want to be her best friend.}
My favorite things about fall - EVERYTHING :) But really, I love the changing colors, the brisk whether that begins to have a hint of winter, but not full-on cold, and the foods of fall (pumpkins, apples, squash, spices).
Fall is my Spring. As a teacher, everything new has always begun in the Fall. It's my chance to start again. And I adore a good pair of boots.
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My favorite thing about fall is the scenery change. I love seeing the leaves turn warmer colors, the pile of bright yellow or red leaves on the ground, it's all so beautiful! But I also love when I get to live in my leggings, drink hot chocolate and wear oversized sweaters. Fall is fun!

Honestly, I'm not a very big fan of Fall. I'd rather it be warm all year round. But, here in Michigan it gets far too cold for me. The only things I really enjoy about fall are Cider Mills, pumpkin flavored everything, having fires, haunted hayrides and scary movies.


Heather Laughlin said...

I'm a new follower of you, and feel in love with your blog real quick!! thanks for the new blogs to follow! if you love them, I'm sure all your followers (like meeee) will too. :))

Evani Gatsby said...

Oh hayyy that's me! And seriously though, I met Nicole and we really are bloggy BFFs. I dare someone to meet her and not want to be friends forever! Going to check out Kelly, Emily and Mandy! Thanks so much Allie <3

Treasure Tromp said...

look at all those beautiful women! They all look pretty awesome ;)

Thanks, Allie! xoxo

side note - blogger date sometime in the near future?