Wednesday, October 10

fancy schmancy salads

In an effort to get back into shape, Lori and I have started fancy salad nights to force ourselves to: a) eat more salads, b) expand our salad-making skills and c) rid our minds of salad's bad reputation. I think that salads often get a 'meh' rep because they almost always don't include enough treats. The lettuce or spinach or arugula is secondary for me... I'm always more interested in the veggies on top. This particular experiment came out well and was pretty easy to make. 

asparagus, avocado, cherry tomatoes,
onion, balsamic vinegar, goat cheese,
almonds, olive oil, garlic, butter lettuce, arugula

First, toast almonds by broiling them on high for just a few minutes. Then, in a separate pan, roast asparagus with olive oil and garlic on 400 degrees for about 15 to 20 minutes or until soft. On the stove, heat balsamic vinegar, olive oil and a pinch of brown sugar with a heaping handful of diced onions and caramelize. Slice other raw veggies and throw it all in a bowl with butter lettuce and arugula and ta da! A feastly salad. 


Jay said...

Mmmm - I love a fancy salad! The more colourful, the better!

Robyn said...

goats cheese and anything is all right by me. I'm having brown lentil, corriander, rocket and GOATS CHEESE just now.

Caitie said...

Purple Haze Lavender Goat Cheese

so full of complex flavor, you only need a little. you can get it at Whole Foods or at People's Co Op in OB. my salads have never been so happy.

Kyla said...

Ohh, I love the idea of having a 'fancy salad' night! I've been pretty bored with salads lately, so this is something I should try to do! I've never put asparagus or avocados on a salad before...I have to try it!

Katherine / Of Corgis and Cocktails said...

ohmygosh yum. i love goat cheese. on everything. all the time

<3 katherine
of corgis and cocktails

alongobucco said...

Yum! All of those onions look delicious!

The Glossy Life

Rachael {all things beautiful} said...

YUM! Sounds so delish! I love a good salad too.. all about the toppings :)

Stacy said...

Good for you, Allie! This looks DELISH!

Kelsea Echo said...

Good salads are the BEST! This one looks delicious. =) I have salads all of the time and change up the ingredients often. There's just so many things that go nicely in a salad. =) Good work on being healthy!

Kasey Lynne said...

I'm definitely making this salad ASAP.