Monday, March 18

st. patty's day won

my best friends and i on st. patrick's day

When your best friend from college comes home for the weekend... and it's St. Patrick's Day... and her family just happens to be a very large, very fun and very Irish... it's no wonder that I ended up sick after all of these festivities. 

Regular blog content will resume tomorrow. 
Stay tuned and hope everyone had as much fun as I did this weekend!


Elizabeth Mayberry said...

love your green outfits!

Jorie said...

feel better soon!


SarahLagen said...

So cute! I love the green pants for St.Particks day! So festive and perfect, hope you ladies had fun!!

The Egg said...

ha, st. patty's always wins!

xo the egg out west.

Chelsea said...

So fun! I'm not Irish but I still love the holiday.

Siobhan McCarthy said...

I love this pic & post- besides the being sick part :( do tha harlem shaaaake haha