Tuesday, March 8

Guilty Pleasure #2

There are few things I love more that potatoes. There's just something about them. If I'm sick, I want potatoes. If I had that extra Long Island Iced Tea that I just didn't need, I want potatoes. No matter how you cook 'em, they're just too good. Crispy potatoes from Naked Cafe  alongside their Naked Croissanwich, heaven. Hash browns from Olive Cafe, perfection. Waffle fries from Chick-Fil-A, embarrassing (but delicious!) But a loaded baked potato from McAllister's (that you have to go all the way to Texas to eat), MY DREAM COME TRUE. It's everything I could ever want in an extra large, 1000+ calorie, carby hunk of goodness. Allow me to paint a picture of this feast. First, they take a potato that weighs at least 10 pounds and cook it until its soft. Then, they slab at least a pound of butter and probably another pound of sour cream on to the top. Depending on the type you choose, next comes the toppings, which include (but are not limited to) ham, turkey, bacon, a million kinds of cheese, bell peppers, onion, pot roast, more cheeses and chili. The cheese is always last and definitely a crowd pleaser because they don't skimp out on it, making this the perfect spud.
 oversized potato
                                          This picture doesn't even do it justice.
But potatoes and I have a lot history. My best potato memory would have to be when I was in Vegas for my 22nd birthday. My brand new camera broke (typical) the first night we were there and I wasn't about to let it go. So some friends and I took a really interesting/expensive cab ride to the nearest Best Buy to get it fixed. I was quite frazzled until... DUN DA DA DUUUN! I saw a Jason's Deli in the near distance (their spuds are comparable to McAllister's). I immediately coerced my friends to make a pit stop there. After, I plopped down on the curb, waiting for our cab back to the strip and fully devoured my loaded spud. Obviously I felt much better after this minor miracle (and was granted a new camera thanks to Best Buy's great customer service!) OH HAPPY DAY, VEGAS WAS SAVED.
 eating a potato

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