Monday, March 7

sprinkles is totally overrated

I know it's good. And if someone shoved a Sprinkle's cupcake into my face, I wouldn't hesitate to eat it. But there's something just a little evil about a cupcake store that gets as much hype as it does. Lines out the door, absurd prices and (in my opinion) a much-too-rich-and-sweet cupcake. But I wouldn't bring something down without providing a superior alternative: CUPS LA JOLLA.  Besides having a chocolate cupcake (that's batter reminds me of my moms') with peanut butter cream on top, dipped in chocolate to create a shell over the peanut butter, Cups also has many vegan and dairy free options and even offers cooking classes. Plus, the lounge is just super cuticle, with a little puppy patio outside for your dogs. For example:
 IMG_1060               IMG_1061

Peanut butter cupcake from the outside...


After digging in...

And... we cleaned our plates.

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