Tuesday, March 22

LA (kinda) finally winning me over: part two

After an afternoon in Santa Monica, AJ and I ventured to none other than Hollywood to see Erin. We admired the incredible view from her amazing apartment and then headed off for our next feast: The Village Idiot. It was dark and trendy but didn't give off that cold vibe many chic-y restaurants tend to send. We requested a beer menu and to my surprise, Saison Dupont was listed!! This was clearly a good sign. The restaurant also mixed brews, which created some really interesting and delicious tastes (and conveniently upped the alcohol level...)


super classy in a wine glass!

Although there was a two hour wait, of course Erin worked her magic and we were sat immediately. After enjoying chugging the beer, we ordered some grub...
Veggie Pot Pie...to DIE FOR

Fish and Chips

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