Monday, March 21

LA (kinda) finally winning me over: part one

I've always had a little bit of a grudge against LA. Don't get me wrong, it's a city full of booming businesses, great food and who could forget, Hollywood. And I'm absolutely not above running into celebrities at Trader Joe's and giggling over their fame. But the problem for me is identifying the stars. From the naked eye, it's hard to tell who's famous and who's not. That's because most of the people that live in LA, actually think that they are famous, but they most definitely aren't, which doesn't allow for friendly conversation or new friend-making, something I'm very much into, especially during a night out on the town. And being from Texas, where even strangers can turn into your new best friend, this is a hard thing to get used to. Nevertheless, after my most recent visit to LA last weekend to visit a friend and prepare for my cruise to Mexico (hence the lack of updates), LA definitely impressed me more than it had in the past. I blame it on the food and my discovery of Santa Monica (which I LOVED).
The first stop was Santa Monica, where AJ and I met our friend Kendra for lunch at Real Food Daily, a vegan restaurant. Although a vegetarian, I'm extremely skeptical of vegan food. Lots of it is great, but oftentimes there's too much fake cheese and fake meat and it ends up tasting just plain weird. But I swear on my life this restaurant would win over even the most dedicated meat-eater. We started with the nachos, which were made with cashew cheese (surprisingly delicious), black beans, salsa and guacamole. Sadly, they were devoured too quickly to capture a photo. I tried to document the rest...
Veggie Wrap

Kendra and I

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