Friday, July 13

friday's letters

in pushkar, india

Dear India, You've been in my dreams lately and I just might be seeing you sooner rather than later. 

Dear Seven Grand Whiskey Bar, I'm very much looking forward to meeting you after work for a strong beverage. Please prepare accordingly. 

Dear Squishy (the bunny I'm watching), I can't wait to have a photo shoot starring you, yes you, this weekend. You're so cute and fluffy and your little nose just makes my life, but could you please calm down when I try to pick you up? I just want to cuddle and love you; there's no need to be scared! 

Dear Amanda, Moving forward, if we ever work together again, you cannot leave me. My quality of life has greatly decreased since you left. 

Dear Coffee & Tea Collective, Thank you for getting me back into drinking coffee. Your iced coffee and smiling faces make my morning... every morning.

Dear San Diego,
It's July. Can June Gloom please take a hike? It's ugly and ruining my hair. 

Dear Justin Vernon, Marry me? Please? Your music makes me melt.

PS: This was my first Friday's Letters... how'd I do?


Anonymous said...

This picture is too great! You look beautiful and it makes me want to buy a ticket to India today!! :)


Murrad said...

I enjoyed this post and look forward to many more "Friday's letters"

Tiffany @ Polka Dotted Cats said...

Holy crap, lady. You just changed my life with Seven Grand Whiskey Bar. How have I made it this far in life without knowing of its existence? Will be going there asap!

Also, Justin Vernon. What a dreamboat. Have you ever seen Bon Iver live?

Allie said...

it just opened AND its in north park!! if youre feeling adventurous ill probably be there tonight we can booze together. and yes i saw bon iver at coachella and pretty much died and went to heaven.

Stacy Stockdale said...

Love this! Coffee & Tea Collective looks amazing! Can't wait for more Friday Letters.

Tori Baldridge said...

No way have you been to India! Lucky goose!

Catherine said...

I think you did great! Just discovered your beautiful blog. Big fan.

Catherine (your newest follower)
FEST (food, style & travel)

Melissa said...

India looks so gorgeous. I'll have to check out the coffee and tea collective next time I'm in San Diego!

Hannah said...

Good post! Totally agreeing with the Justin Vernon comment. Thanks for sharing!

Hannah from I am a lifestyle blog

Nikskie said...

i should fix this. i've never heard Justin Vernon's song....

Robyn said...

Great. I've been thinking about India alot too. I recently watched The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (something like that-have you seen it? It has a great cast and is very funny)-and made me think back to my time in India. I'm ready to go back!

Amanda Morrow said...

Dear Allie,

Keep your head up! Good things are coming for you I promise :)

Change is an adjustment phase, sometimes not easy.. nor what we necessarily think we want at the time- but from what I've learned, (as cliche as it sounds...) everything happens for a reason.

Be present, and find content in the NOW because for the time being.. this is EXACTLY where you should be. NEVER settle and everything you've ever dreamed up will find you!

Ok I'm done :-P

Tera said...

I love this feature. Such a cute way to write your thoughts down.