Friday, July 27

friday's letters

Dear Squishy Pesto the Bunny, Your little cotton tail is soooo stinkin' cute. I'll never get over it.

Dear Awkward Solo Photo, I think I finally conquered you! [see right hand panel] Ha!

Dear Michelle, Thanks for your interest in Coachella, adventures, sushi, karaoke, Bon Iver, coffee and pretty much everything I like. You've also inspired me to make a list like this one!

Dear Cousin, I can't wait for you to grace me and San Diego with your presence. Prepare yourself for some serious feasting.

Cupid Shuffle, Thanks for entertaining me and the other drivers on the road during my commute home. I'm getting pretty good at executing the dance using only my shoulders.

Dear Madewell, You really need to tone down the cuteness of your clothes; they're really not helping my spending habits.

Dear Police
man (singular) Driving in the Carpool Lane, Practice what you preach; you were alone in that car!

BlogSpot LA, I am really really really really REALLY (x10000) hoping I can attend. Bri Emery, you're kinda my hero.

Dear Followers, I'm thinking about doing a fun giveaway once I reach the 200 mark. Y
ou guys seriously make my life.


A and B said...

that bunny is SO cute! I've always wanted one but i'm afraid they would bite!

Stacy Stockdale said...

You're so great, thanks for being so supportive and helpful with my blog! Love the solo photo, I think you're doing a great job. :)

Amanda Holland said...

Dear Pesto, I hope you like our home, because we are keeping you forever.

Love, Allie, Amanda, and my feet.

Cheyenne said...

Pesto is such a cute name! An adorable name for an even more adorable bunny rabbit :)

Robyn said...

brill-getting towards that 200 mark. i did a happy dance reaching 100!

Treasure Tromp said...

pesto is so cute!! And wow - almost 200! I bet you get there really soon! said...

Uhm a bunny named Pesto?! I'm in love. Also, I like your solo picture! I just haven't been able to nail it yet. I looooove Bri too, she is fab!


Taylor said...

Pesto is so cute! Congrats on nearly reaching 200 followers. I'm trying to do one link up each week, I may do this one next week.

Rachael {all things beautiful} said...

OMG- love your pictures of Pesto! So adorable. And great solo picture.. you look beautiful! Happy Friday!

Meg {henninglove} said...

your bunny's name is pesto?? i love it! and what is blogspot la and why don't i know about it since i live in la?

Allie said...

funny story, evani... the bunny is actually NOT mine. im bunnysitting and the bunny's real name is squishy but i've always dreamed of having a bunny named pesto sooo... here i am!! haha im quite the weirdo, i know this!

Allie said...

well shes not TECHNICALLY my bunny. funny story, im bunnysitting and i kinda renamed her since having a bunny named pesto has been a dream of mine.

blog shop is something that bri emery ( began and it's a blog boot camp...photoshop etc. the classes are a weekend long and pricey (about $700) but the things you learn and make are, in my eyes, invaluable. plus bri is KINDA my hero. i stalk her blog a million times a day and just wish she could take me shopping and dress me haha so im really really trying to save/perhaps incorporate it into a birthday gift!

Tiffany @ Polka Dotted Cats said...

Is Pesto your pet? How adorable! I've never tried the cupid shuffle in the car but it sounds very entertaining!

Have a lovely, lovely weekend my dear!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

I got all giddy reading the part about San Diego, MY HOME! Best place every I say :) You will LOVE it :)! Oh and I am having issues with my google account, had to follow you through twitter... who knew you could even do that?! I didn't!

Emily grapes said...

haha that's the beauty of being a cop. They can be in the carpool lane AND be on their cell phones at the same time if they want. haha

That bunny tail is rather cute! I can see how you'd enjoy it so much. ;) San Diego sounds so nice right now!! Perfect time to go.

Thanks for coming over my way! :)
Have a great weekend!!
Emily at Amazing Grapes

katie said...

oh, that bunny! be still my heart. <3

Kelsey Elizabeth said...

Your bunny is so stinkin cute!! I totally nickname my pets and little sister squishy also :)

his little lady said...

oh gosh, seriously madewell is my secret obsession. want everything in the store!!!!
xo TJ

Xixia said...

Um, yes yes yes to the Madewell letter. Every single time I get an e-mail from them, I tell myself I shouldn't open it...but I inevitably do, and lust after even more of their clothes! XD
♥ xixia |

sophistifunk said...

i love that little bunny tail...sooo cute!

i love your blog :)
xo brie

Magical Day Dream said...

The bunny really IS cute. And love your picture :)



Ms. Cathy said...
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Ms. Cathy said...

Cute! Bunnies are the best at making hearts smile.

Cathy Trails