Wednesday, March 7


lake tahoe | thanksgiving 2010

Balance is something that I’ve struggled with for a while, for as long as I can remember, actually. When I was little, I struggled [literally] balancing on the beam in gymnastics. As I got older, my gymnastics skills improved but I had trouble balancing my studies [I wanted to read and write only - go figure - and forget my multiplication tables]. In high school, it was finding a balance between relationships: a boyfriend, girlfriends, family and maintaining my relationship with myself. College, though a darn good time, was all about time management. balancing a job and an internship with sorority obligations, writing and editing the newspaper and oh yeah, that little thing called my business major and god forbid having a social life, clearly a priority. I conveniently learned to balance those "college things" just in time for graduation where afterwards, my entire life would change, yet again, and the balancing act would be...well... off balance. but this time, it'd be something I like to refer to as real life.

Now, in real time, it's balancing a full time 8:40 a.m. to 5:20 p.m. job with blogging [my passion] and cooking [my other passion] but also trying to incorporate working out [blah]… then of course trying to stay financially afloat.* It's keeping your head up when times get rough and you don't have your usual support system to pick you up. It's falling in love and miserably failing but realizing that you'll be okay, on your own. It's further strengthening your relationship with yourself all the while hoping to be able to check off some of your everyday "to-dos." 
*budgeting has never been one of my strengths. I find a way to rationalize every [mostly food] related purchase. But thanks to the everygirl, i'm learning! 

I think the moral of this story is that finding balance is a constant struggle. I'm not sure if anyone can ever say that their life is perfectly balanced. there's always more time you'd like to spend volunteering, more vegetables you should be eating or more credit you should be giving yourself. But I think striving for some semblance of balance - even if it's off balance - is something we should all attempt.

what's your take on balance? 
where do you strive? where do you struggle?


Amanda Morrow said...

"Life is a balancing act.. inner strength come from not losing yourself in one aspect over another..."

Siobhan McCarthy said...

This is prob one of my faves so far. Excellent work :)