Sunday, March 25

a brief recap of the weekend

My weekend started out not so good, due to an unfortunate car accident [that I caused. boo boo boo] which has left me carless and with a sore neck, but somehow, maybe due to the art of positive thinking, it definitely didn't end so terribly. I spent friday evening feeding myself, first with pizza from urbn, le duh, and then with cupcakes and tiramisu from Heaven Sent Desserts.

almost too pretty to eat... but clearly I ate it.
"when am i gonna need to cook tiramisu? am i gonna be a chef? NO!"

after the feast, i took a walk around my little 'hood... exploring all of the awesome galleries 
[this was one of my faves] 

 Today, despite my sore neck, was finally the hot chocolate 15k 
that I've been training for for months (9.3 miles)

this was clearly my motivation: chocolate fondue and goodies at the finish line.

amanda and i post race, pre demise

my first bib. pretty proud of myself!

backtracking a little bit, last weekend, lori and i created a craft club. which consists of me and 
her for right now. cuckoo clocks were our first project.

this weekend, we stenciled pillows. i used a quote from the best movie ever, garden state... 
the scene where sam tap dances is my absolute favorite [and the song that plays is pretty great too]

{hope everyone had a lovely weekend!}


Sam | ashore said...

Allie - firstly, I love that your first big run had chocolate at the finish line. so you!

secondly, that line from garden state is pitch perfect for a pillow ("I've got a little buzz going and I like you")hmm ... I've felt that way after the pennant more than once.

Katherine McAdoo said...

i love that dino nom nom nom sign - and that pillow you stenciled looks awesome! and i love that scene in garden state - it's been forever since i've seen that movie.

<3 katherine